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Guro Richard Alaniz, the late Sifu Pete Jacobs, Sifu Steve Golden, and the late Sifu Bob Bremer. All three were students of Guro Dan Inosanto and early China Town students of the late Bruce Lee in the art of Jeet Kune Do (JKD) of which Richard is a second generation student/practitioner in JKD/Jun Fan. 

We offer two locations for your film productions:Comanche Creek Mustang Ranch located 12 minutes east of Las Cruces at the base of the Organ Mountains adjacent to thousands of acres of BLM land, upper desert terrain, elevation 4,500 feet. Next location is Eagle Creek Mustang Ranch located 15 minutes east of Ruidoso adjacent to National Forest land with senic views of Sierra Blanca Mountains and Capitan Mountains, pine & pinon trees and shrub oak elevation 7,500 feet.  

Contact us for further information by email at balikinstitute.com or by phone (575) 636-7238   Richard Alaniz owner/coordinator

Photo by Peter Goodman

Richard Alaniz is a retired Hollywood stuntman who relocated to Las Cruces, NM in 2006. He performed stunt work on various productions in Los Angeles, choreographed large battle and fight scenes (View "Two for Texas" staring Kris Kristofferson, where Richard helped choreographed the 500 man battle scene along with playing ten various characters as a stuntman. He is a horse expert, a highly trained martial artist and weapons expert. His idea was to develop his ranch for film to offer productions a  venue for Old West period and modern ranch type settings for film productions.

Re-enactors with wardrobe & gun rigs

Richard Alaniz - Coordinator

(575) 636 - 7238

Comanche Creek Mustang Ranch    Film Ranch

                              Las Cruces, New Mexico

  Jake Spoon - Mescal Spanish Barb cast horse

Old West vintage and modern ranch wardrobe using authentic mustangs horses.

Our film Old West re-enactors are well trained professional background extras with their own 1800's period wardrobe. Below left photo is on the set of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman where Richard is performing a high fall bulldog. He worked on Dr. Quinn TV series during their last five seasons.

Spanish Barb & Apache Mustang Horses


MARTIAL ARTS: Punong Guro Richard Alaniz is a highly trained martial artist and is the principal master of Blaik Kali Silat. He trained under Guro Dan Inosanto at the Inosanto Kali Academy in Marina del Rey, California from 1989 to 1998, and before that time he trained nine years with former Bruce Lee students Sifu Bob Bremer and Sifu Pete Jacobs.  Richard is highly skillful with knives and swords, and has black belt degrees in various styles of martial arts which includes empty hands and exotic weapons arts. His horseman skills were vital to Richard breaking in to the movie industry and later advanced to a stuntman on many period westerns and modern productions such as Crazy Horse, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Two for Texas, Holes, Scorpion King, Murder She Wrote, Charlie Grace, Sioux City, On Deadly Ground, The Witness, Deadly Ransom, and various other productions. His quest is to introduce to the public via film productions the deadly and exotic art of Hari Mau Silat, an Indonesian and martial art taught to him by the late Pedekar Herman Suwanda, and Kali Silat a Filipino martial art taught to Richard by Guro Dan Inosanto. Mr. Alaniz also received a 5th Dan in Doblete Rapilon Arnis under the late Grandmaster Jose Mena of the Philippines. Fellow Inosanto Academy students show cased our system of fighting by choreographing films such as "300" and the "John Wick" series to name a few. 

We work in tandem with Film Las Cruces in helping productions reach their goals. 

  Organ Mountains National Monument

Comanche Creek Mustang Ranch  offers film productions onsite shoot locations with beautiful Oran Mountain views and awesome New Mexico sunsets. We offer all types of ranch livestock onsite to include authentic Mustangs as well as rattle snakes for Old West period and modern ranch type productions. Comanche Creek Re-enactors are professional background actors who own their own Old West period wardrobe: Old West towns people, Cowboys/Buckaroos, Mexican Bandits/Vaqueros, Apache Warriors, and modern Cowboys & Cowgirls. Tipi rentals, period stage coach and wagons, as well as gun rigs. Richard is a retired Hollywood stuntman who is also a professional Battle & fight choreographer. 

Many Inosanto Kali Academy graduates are notable stuntmen and stunt coordinators in the movie industry demonstrating various fighting techniques using JKD and Kali to enhance fight scenes for film. The fight/stunt coordinators on the 300 production and the John Wick series are Inosanto Academy graduates. 

Horse riding & stage combat clinics for actors & actresses 

Next clinic to be announced soon

 Film Ranch for your period or modern productions

                   Livestock & Old West Re-enactors

              Stage Coach - Period Wagons - Horse & Mule teams

          Available for  Film Productions 

      Old West & Modern Day Film Productions

  • Onsite livestock for film
  • Beautiful shoot locations
  • Old West Re-enactors with period wardrobe
  • Fight & Battle Choreography