Although the natural east/west boundary that separated the Mescalero Apache from the Quahadi Comanche was the Pecos River, both tribes at one time were enemies and would battle for land even in my area and as far south as Mexico. Apache medicine man and famous warrior Geronimo (1829 - 1909),  real name is Goyathlay (one who yawns), was at constant war with the persistent U. S. Cavalry and Mexicans. And photo to our left, is  the Comanche Chief Quanah Parker (1885 - 1911) who was of a white mother, also struggled with the same white and Mexican enemies as the Apache. The feared Comanche were known as "The Lords of the Southern Plains". Both tribes were instrumental in shaping the history of this land and suffered near extinction of their people by the hand of the American military might.

Productions in need of green pine tree scenery we offer our Eagle Creek Mustang Ranch located just outside of Ruidoso. We are also located near other high country areas such as Cloud Croft, the Gila National Forest, and the Mescalero Apache Reservation which offers interesting areas for film productions.

Southern New Mexico has hidden treasures for scenic shoot locations.

We have spectacular shoot locations on our ranch and surrounding areas. Comanche Creek Ranch is bordered next to the Organ Mountains National Monument offering majestic views for shoot locations as well as thousands of acres of BLM land. In close proximity are Pena Blanca caves, Dripping Springs, White Sands National Monument, Elephant Butte Lake, Rio Grande River, Chihuahua Desert vegetation,  deep arroyos, and beautiful Southern New Mexico sunsets. No other ranch in Las Cruces has a background view like what we offer. 

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Peter Goodman

Constant horse training at our ranch using Natural Horsemanship techniques is part of our program for training our horses for camera and the action that goes along with filming for a safe environment for persons and horses. We are in constant care maintenance for our movie horses. Healthy foot is a healthy horse.

Mescalero Apache Reservation -  located in Sierra Blanca (White Mountain) next door to Ruidoso, New Mexico. We coordinate with the Mescalero Apaches reservation, for the hiring of Apache Warriors and village/camp people with authentic period Apache wardrobe, Apache mustangs, and Tipi rentals for your period or modern film productions. Photo left - Mescalero Apache Maiden Ceremony. Photo right - White Mountain, Mescalero Apache Reservation during winter.

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Photo by Peter Goodman

The reason they call New Mexico the Land of Enchantment is because every sunset is different and puts one in awe of the colorful artistry of nature. Comanche Creek Ranch offers awesome sunsets for film.

This area is full of Old West history, such as Billy the Kid (pictured at left) who at one time was jailed in old town Las Cruces, the Lincoln County War, Apache wars against the American Cavalry and Mexicans for the control of the surrounding land, and traditional cowboy life. Our ranch is located in an area that was a passage way for many travelers from Santa Fe to Mexico following the Rio Grande. One can sense the historical events that shaped this land at the cost of many lives for the struggle to survive.  

Comanche Creek Mustang Ranch offers real cowboys to wrangle our cast and ND horses, as well as a little help from our rodeo cowgirls.

Comanche Creek Film Livestock & Re-enactors 

(Photo right) Rising from the central heart of the Tularosa Basin is White Sands National Monument one of the Natural Wonders of the World which is only a one hour drive to the east from our Ranch on highway 70. Horses and film crews are allowed.

(Photo left) Is a view of Sierra Blanca from our other film ranch Eagle Creek Mustang Ranch our other ranch located 12 miles east of Ruidoso which is a beautiful shoot location with mountains, hills, shrub oak, Pinion & Pine trees.

The majestic Organ Mountains National Monument

gives us a fantastic view with different shades of color and splendor depending on the season. We are fortunate to have such beauty and gladly share this view from our ranch with our visitors.

Welcome to New Mexico Land  of Enchantment

Comanche Creek Mustang Ranch 

Film Location, Livestock & Re-enactors

Las Cruces, New Mexico

We offer horses, mules, donkeys, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, snakes, & other exotic animals for film. We also offer Old West town background actors with period wardrobe and accessories, stage coach & wagons with horse & mule teams. Ranch style utility vehicles, tractors, flat bed and stock trailers, etc. are also offered. Corrals and arena. We also offer horseback lessons for actors/actresses and stage combat training.